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    Hi Team,


    I have added the Info Object in the SPO (Semantically Partitioned Objects). And now I want to remove that from the SPO but it is not allowing me to remove the Info Object.

    All the dimensions and Info Object  are appearing blue in color.


    Please advise on this.

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    Dear Experts,

    I went through many discussions and SAP notes but couldn’t find solutions for my issue so starting this new thread.

    I have custom DSO ZPUR_O01 which gets loaded from 4 purchasing Datasources 2LIS_02_ITM,

    2LIS_02_SGR, 2LIS_02_CGR and 2LIS_02_SCN. The Key of the DSO is Purchasing Document Number and Purchasing line Item no (similar to Standard DSO 0PUR_O01).  Now whenever the ROCANCEL = R comes for Datasource 2LIS_02_SCN it overwrites data of fields mapped from all other 3 datasources in DSO active table.


    Standard DSO 0PUR_O01 also get loaded from same 4 Purchasing Datasources and have same keys.

    I would like to know did any one face the similar issue before and what could be the possible reason behind this?



    Amit Rajput

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    Hi Experts,

    I am facing short dump when trying to send a request to add an attribute in Master Data Infoobject from DEV to QA.

    Although the attribute is getting added to main Master data Info object but main master Info object is in Revised Version.

    I have been searching the solution in SCN from couple of days and tried every single solution but none of them works for us.

    When I check in se09 I am getting the following message

    Program terminated (job: RDDEXECL, no.: 09445401)

       Execution of programs after import (XPRA)

    End date and time : 20150420094559

    Ended with return code: ===> 12 <===

    When checking in ST22 IN QA I am getting the following message

    The exception 'CX_RS_PROGRAM_ERROR' was raised, but it was not caught anywhere


    the call hierarchy.


    Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not

    adequately responded to, the running ABAP program

    'CL_RSDD_DS====================CP' has to be



    When I checked in ST22 in QA I am getting following dump

       31         RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_rs_program_error

       32           EXPORTING

       33             text = 'Invalid DSO subtype'.                   "#EC NOTEXT

       34     ENDCASE.


       36 *   get table name from DDIC

       37     CALL METHOD cl_rsd_odso=>get_tablnm

       38       EXPORTING

       39         i_odsobject = n_infoprov



       40         i_tabt      = l_tab

       41       IMPORTING

       42         e_tablnm    = l_tablnm

       43       EXCEPTIONS

       44         OTHERS      = 1.


       46     IF sy-subrc <> 0.

       47       RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_rs_program_error

       48         EXPORTING

       49           text = 'Error in CL_RSD_ODSO=>get_Tablnm'. "#EC NOTEXT

       50     ENDIF.



       53       EXPORTING

       54         tabname   = l_tablnm

       55       TABLES

       56         dfies_tab = l_t_comp

       57       EXCEPTIONS

       58         not_found = 1

       59         OTHERS    = 2.

       60     IF sy-subrc <> 0.

    >>>>> RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_rs_program_error

       62         EXPORTING

       63           text = 'Error in DDIF_NAMETAB_GET'.        "#EC NOTEXT

       64     ENDIF.

    I have attached the short dump

    Thanks In Advance


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    Please can someone tell me if this is a new feature in 7.4 version.


    I added 2 new attributes in an infoobject and activated it. the transformations loading into this info object and data flow upward objects on this infoobject are still showing as active.


    I am not sure whether these transformations are now activated in the backend itself when activating the infoobject. However these transformations etc have not been included in the transport.


    Because everything looks active, i just moved the Info object in the transport. Now in the other systems i can still see that the dependant transformations etc are active but i am getting a assign_type_conflict error on some transformations for which i am having to manually activate the transformations.


    Any ideas?



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    Dear All,



    i  am new for SAP BI  pls help me . My Process Chain failed of SAP BI 7.0 analyses log and came to know in st22


    Runtime Errors         CALL_FUNCTION_SEND_ERROR


      An error occurred when executing a Remote Function Call.


      "CPIC-CALL: 'ThCMSEND' : cmRc=18 thRc=0#Statistics not active "




      Internal error code.... "RFC_IO5"


      There is an error in the communication system. To clarify

      and resolve the error, contact your system administrator.


    with Regards

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    We have users that run a query in Bex Analyser. They filter and save this filtered version as a new workbook. From here they create a broadcast. I am brought in to help them with their broadcast. When I open this new workbook from the user and attempt to edit the broadcast the Bex broadcast is grayed out and I can not edit. How can I edit broadcasts created by another user after they have filtered and created their own workbook

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    Hii friends,


    I did a read master data and got material type field from material. We have around 50 Materail type now client wants to see only 20 .I cant filter them at dtp as material type is not available in source.i can write a routine and filter them manually but i was told that we create ranges in transformations and filter those material type which are not recquired ..plz explain me how to create ranges for material types as they are random.

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    hello All,


    We have scenario where i have CHAR1 created as CHAR20 which has a text master data to the same and no 'ALPHA' conversion. there is a flag set as compounding


    In transaction DSO, we write a routine to assign the key for CHAR1 so that in reports it should be able to read both key and text as CHAR1 is a text MD.


    MD looks like

    P 10041 ABC


    in the routine


    If flag = P, CHAR1 = MAT_ID


    (MAT_ID = 10041)


    else concatenate MAT_ID 'DISREGARD' into CHAR1 separated by '-'.


    now this is throwing error while activation, as CHAR1 is getting value as 00000010041 and 00000010041 - DISREGARD, plus with some changes i even manage to activate but unable to read the text from master data in the reports.


    Please suggest how can i get this issue resolved for concatenation, leading zeros and getting the text in reports.




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    Hi Gurus,


    I am facing a transport failing issue. The error message says 'Syntax Error in routine'. I checked the routine in Dev and everything is fine. I checked in Traget system all the objects which are part of the routine are available in Active Version.


    Can some one suggest anything?





    I have reviewed following threads but none of them seems to address the issue:-




    Message no. RSO252

    BI 7.0 transfromation Rule syntax error in routine

    Transport failed :&amp;nbsp; Syntax error in routine | SCN

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    Hello All,

    We have an issue related to Unit of measure. In "xyz" report, for those docs which has no units, values coming as *.so we want to make unit of measure as mandatory field in the filter selection of report. In pre-prod its showing as expected (pic 1) but in prod its not reflecting as expected. I did chnges in bex for unit of measure as "mandatory". but still its not coming. also we moved conversion type from dev to prod.still not working .. please see attached prod screenshot(pic 2).


    Please tell me how to get UOM as mandatory in Production?


    Need your suggestion on this .


    Need Quick responses.Thank you in advance.

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  • 05/28/15--21:12: Open HUB
  • Hi All,



    I have 4 cubes(year wise ) and on these are combiined with multiprovider. Is it possible to transfer this data to Open Hub.Could you please suggest the solution.


    Thanks and regards,


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    Hi Experts,


    We have one DSO load from APO system is a weekly data load and runs every Sunday. But for 17th, the data load did not happen. It happened on Monday morning i.e 18th May. On next Sunday the data load happened on 24th May.


    18th May and 24th May  falls under the same week and period, hence the data got doubled as DSO has addition instead of overwrite.


    Because of this Reports are shown APO Avg Final Demand is doubled. How to rectify this issue. Can any one suggest.




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    Dear All,


    I would like to ask about the following case:


    We are loading Openhubs using Transformation from DSO objects, which is set up in process chains using full upload.


    In some cases it happens that the source DSO becomes empty and in that case Openhub gets empty as well.


    Would you please recommend how to set up that in case the source DSO is empty the openhub destination is not loaded?


    Thank you,



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    Hi Gurus,


    I have a field in the HHHH:MM:SS format ie.


    you can have an entry like 1028:25:07 or 23:52:14


    can you please tell me if there is a FM to convert this into seconds or better yet directly into days?


    thank you,



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    Hi Guys,


    I have a FlatFile Datasource which does not have Fiscal Year period but Fiscal Year and Posting Period.

    How can I get Fiscal Year period values in the Infocube since in trsnaformations I dont have a filed to map in Datasource?



    Please suggest something.




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    I am using an openhub destination to output my csv file. Its a local workstation share folder. Data Provider got around 50000 rows (expecting a 40MB file). When ever I execute the DTP, it run for first data package and fell down with below error message.


    Error 21 when writing to the local workstation

    Error while updating to target XXXXXXX (type Open Hub Destination)

    Operation  could not be carried out for

    Exception CX_RS_FAILED logged

    Exception CX_RS_FAILED logged


    Sometimes the file get created with partial entries, most of the times the file wont even get created. I created new dtps and tried the same. Changed the package size, servers, parallel processes etc, but of no use.



    Thanks Neo

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    Hi Experts,

    I am getting the below error message while executing the DTP for Open Hub. Destination is a File at my local machine. I am able to generate the file in Development system. I transported all objects to Quality. But in Quality I am not able to generate the file. I get the below messages.

    There is no dump in ST22. I am running the DTP in dialog mode.


    Error 6 when writing to the local workstation

    Message no. RSBO211

    Error while updating to target CTLC (type Open Hub Destination)

    Message no. RSBK241

    Operation  could not be carried out for

    Message no. RS_EXCEPTION120

    Exception CX_RS_FAILED logged

    Message no. RSBK228


    How should I analyze where is the exact error? Could this be authorization issue as I am able to generate file in Development system.




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    Hello, I'm seeing that when I execute a bex report in tcode rsrt, I get ERROR right next to the numbers, please see attached image. Any ideas of why this is happening? Regards, samique 917.945.3676

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  • 05/29/15--11:42: BW 7.4 extraction error
  • Hi,


    I am trying to load transaction data from a flat file.  When I click on the Read Preview Data button of my DataSource, I get a "No (further) data available Message no. RSDS308".  I am able to see example data on the Proposal tab and the data file seems correct.  I then run the InfoPackage and get an error about MATN1 as shown in the screenshot.


    Please help.  Thanks!



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    We have defined UOM conversion within a query using UOM0MATE (the standard UOM conversion functionality in BW 7).


    It works fine as long as we have all units maintained in UOM0MATE; But if the conversion is not found in this DSO (valid scenario as UOM Conv is not maintained in ECC for that particular material) then the unit conversion fails and displays the result in the original unit.


    But business doesn't want to see mixed UOM's in the report instead they want to see Zero value in that case. Any suggestions on how we can achieve this?


    Appreciate your time and help.





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